"Raisin' Kane is definitely one of our favorites to book";

First, I would like to thank Raisin' Kane for the many nights of entertainment you guys have provided for us.  Through your music and e-mail list letting fans know where you are playing from week to week, y'all have brought in several new customers from all over the surrounding counties...   We as well as our customers enjoy your original songs and way of turning the most current popular songs into your own.  Having booked many bands from the area, we have seen everything there is out there, and I must say, Raisin' Kane is definitely one of our favorites to book.  Every time y'all play here, not only do you add to the country atmosphere of the restaurant, but you bring life to the place and to our customers.  Your personality and music is what sets Raisin' Kane apart from any other band that plays here. Thank you again and we at Fat Cowboys look forward to having Raisin' Kane here again in the very near future!

                                     Aubrey Weston
                                     Operations Director/General Manager
                                     Fat Cowboys Restaurant
                                     1209 Bensdale
                                     Pleasanton, Texas 78064
                                     (830) 569-5700