Tim Kane

                    -- Bass guitar & Vocals

Tim Kane has been playing Bass since he was eleven.   At that time, Tim didn’t know what instrument to play, but his dad (who had never touched an electric bass before) thought the family needed a bass player, and bought him a Paul McCartney replica electric “Beatle bass” guitar for $80. Two weeks later Tim was performing live for a nursing home oldies dance.  After a month, Tim had learned a bit and told his Dad, “Remember all that stuff you showed me about how to play bass?  Well, that was all wrong.”  From there Tim developed a unique bass style based on what he learned from watching people who actually had touched an electric bass before. 

In addition to music, Tim loves spending time with his wife, Jennifer, hanging out with friends & family, rooting for the Spurs, working out, watching movies, and live comedy.







Peter Kane

                       -- Lead guitar & Vocals

Peter took to music early in his life. His parents swear that when he was about a year old he would stand on the piano bench and play the keys with his butt.  That style of playing didn’t earn him much musical recognition.  Peter figures that by the age of six people noticed that he actually could play the piano… with his hands. He's always been musically inclined and over the years has picked up a variety of instruments including the banjo, saxophone & fiddle. He eventually put all of those instruments down (it’s hard to play them all at once) and decided to focus on guitar, piano, and vocals.

When he is not playing music, Peter can be found dancing, hanging out with friends and family, shooting pool or enjoying an occasional round of golf.








As far as Raisin’ Kane is concerned, there are really only two kinds of music: Good and Great.  And they are committed to playing as much Great Music as the night will allow, from Country and Americana to Classic Rock and Blues.  There is always a new twist and a different spice when Raisin’ Kane covers a song in a way only they can.  As Butch Morgan says, “We never play a song the same way once.”  And the era of the music isn’t what’s important, because “if it’s great music, it’s great music.”  The band's oldest cover, “Hangman,” is perhaps 250 years old.  Their newest song might be an original work that was born this week.  So, whether you are 4 or 94, “we’ve gotcha covered.”

Raisin’ Kane is Peter Kane on Guitar & Vocals and Tim Kane on Bass & Vocals.  Fiddler Luis Cuellar of San Antonio, Charlie Franklin (of Small Town Habit), and other skilled musicians have been known to sit in with the group.

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