Starting at the age of eleven, Tim figured it was time to learn an instrument of his own.  By default, he became the bass player and joined Peter in most of his musical adventures. 

After being a part of several bands that came and went, the boys eventually came across David Kemp, an experienced musician & songwriter then living in Floresville, their hometown.  David was gracious enough to let them join him one Friday night at The Pizza Garden (now The White House Café).  Soon the trio was busy playing at numerous events around the area.  David coined the name “David Kemp & Raisin’ Kane,” and it stuck.  Under David’s tutelage, they learned the ins and outs of music and live performing.  When David started the Wilson County Hometown Opry, all three were members of the house band.  When David and his family moved to Bandera in 2003 to pursue a more active music career, Peter had a few stints with different local bands, and Tim started a business and married his long time sweetheart.  When things settled down, the boys got back to Raisin’ Kane.

         The Full History

Brothers Peter and Tim Kane grew up in a musical family and have been singing and playing music since they were little. 

At six years old, Peter taught himself to play the piano and at fourteen he picked up the guitar.  Quite the showman, Peter never passed up a chance to play for an audience.